How Am I Feeling Today?

Growing up in a fast-paced society, we tend to forget how to slow down sometimes. When we are always on the go, we barely take time to stop and question our self- how am I feeling today? 

There may be times when we cater to our families, children, friends, employers and relatives to the point where we disconnect from ourselves while in the process of trying to connect with everyone else. When the world tends to stress us out to the point where we get the feeling of being lost even when in a room filled with people, that truly becomes the breaking point. Why are we feeling so alone even when we are surrounded by people we love and care for? 

This is the time when your body, mind and spirit is longing for you to take care of yourself. 

The concept of emotional self- regulation is highly important as it can enhance long term mental and physical well-being. According to American Psychological Association emotional regulation is the ability of an individual to modulate an emotion or set of emotions. Emotional regulation allows us to guide our responses to powerful feelings such as anger and anxiety.

There are many ways to maintaining your mental and physical well-being daily. As a single mother, I know how busy my day can get managing a two-years-old, while trying to finish my daily house chores, my work, volunteering, and working on various projects. I can sometimes overlook my own health by just focusing on my daughter and getting the daily tasks done. However, over time I realized that neglecting my own personal mental and physical well-being was taking a toll on my daughter as well. If I am always worked up and anxious about getting work done, I am not giving the full undivided attention that she needs or I need for myself. Therefore, by working on some of the emotional self-regulation techniques, I was able to get out of this feeling of haste and actually take a breather for myself. This helped me to realize the importance of enjoying even few minutes or an hour of quality time that I could spare just for me and my daughter. 

I know I’m not alone in this experience, so I’ve created a list of some things I do in between my busy day to check in with my inner-self and help to make my mind, body and spirit peaceful.

I am a firm believer of mindfulness meditation. I am not talking about becoming a full yogi or doing some difficult yoga poses to fill in the role. Sometimes, I just on my prayer mat and I breathe slowly, inhale and exhale. I use a humidifier with a scent of my liking that calms my emotions and eases stress.

In the morning, I take my time and enjoy making a cup of coffee. I think about all the blessing I do have in my life. I feel blissful for having a flavorful coffee in my favorite cups which I have collected when I was traveling abroad. Even Just thinking about the beautiful places I have visited; gives me a feeling of calm and relaxation, helping me get into a positive mood and mindset. 

I use a humidifier with a scent of my liking that calms my emotions and stress before going to sleep. Sometimes, I take the humidifier into my work space when I feel restless. Certain smells can help calm our anxious behavior. Lavender calms the mind and balances the body with its sweet floral aroma. Peppermint is stimulating and uplifting. Tea tree is fresh, clean and soothes cough symptoms. Grapefruit is zesty, fresh and boost mood. Rose Geranium promotes emotional well-being with a floral touch.

As with many parents, there are times I feel guilty about not spending enough quality time with my daughter. Therefore, I decided to split the hour into 30 minute sessions with her. I take her for a regular walk where I explore the outdoors with her. This gives me the fresh air that I need and lets her explore into the adventurous world. She becomes my little Curious George. The other half hour I play with her inside our home and let her pick any activity that she wants to do. This could be simply playing hide and seek, or pretend playing with kitchen play set.  My happiest time that truly makes me feel grounded is before going to bed I spend few minutes just giggling away and acting silly with her. Just watching her laugh and smile truly makes me forget about the difficult challenges we face throughout the day. It makes me feel that life should not be as fast pace and busy where we make it to be. 

Therefore, just doing simple things can change your mind and behavior pattern which leads you to focus on your inner self because if you chose to ignore your own self, how can you assure to provide peace and happiness upon others around you.

Always, check in with yourself, and ask- How am I feeling today? I hope this question is helpful for encouraging you to follow through with some things that will lead you to have a blissful mind, body and spirit. 

By Aisha Malik, BA, MACP (Candidate)

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