Queer-Affirming Therapy

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Queer-Affirming Therapy

Navigating life on your own can be hard; doing so as a queer person can be even more challenging. Whether you’re exploring your sexuality or gender, or just a queer individual looking for a safe place to talk, Roots in Wellness can help.

Individual Therapy

Roots in Wellness supports the exploration of identity in all realms of life, including gender and sexuality.

Our therapists come from a variety of diverse backgrounds to offer you the support that fits your needs best. Every one of our practitioners is trained in delivering therapy from an intersectional, culturally-sensitive, and anti-oppressive lens. Click here to learn more about our therapists and book a consultation to find out more!

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Roots in Wellness’ Queer Corner

Queer Corner is Roots in Wellness’ resource library for the queer community. Here you’ll find general resources for the community as well as trans-specific information.

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