Queer Corner

Queer Corner

At Roots in Wellness, we strive to create the most accepting, inviting, and safe space that we can for people from all walks of life. We are especially passionate about working with the Queer community.
The Queer Corner at Roots in Wellness aims to provide a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support for the LGBTQ2S+ community.

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You may be asking yourself what queer therapy is anyway and, well, in most cases, it’s no different from any other type of therapy. The real difference here is the environment of accepting, non-judgmental support that you’ll receive from Roots in Wellness practitioners.
We understand (some of us, first hand!) that many of the issues and concerns that the queer community faces are no different than those that the cishet community faces. We also understand that there can be some unique challenges to being part of the queer community.

We combine our knowledge of the queer experience with our understanding of human nature as being universal to provide an inclusive and safe space for you to discuss any issues or concerns you have – whether they’re related to how you identify or not.

Gender Therapy

Grappling with your gender identity can be an incredibly difficult, confusing, isolating, and invalidating experience. At Roots in Wellness we recognize that while some people may be very confident in their gender identity, there are those who really struggle. Not only with identifying who they are, but determining what, how, and when to do about it.

If you’re questioning your gender identity or expression, we can help you untangle some of your thoughts and feelings, become confident in who you are, and work to create a life for yourself that’s rooted in your values and sense of self.

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