Student Placements

Practicum Student Placements

Roots in Wellness prides itself on being a place where new and prospective therapists can learn. We value independence and forging your own path and style as you move forward in your career.

Kayleen Edwards and Jennifer Lane both accept a limited number of students each term for practicum placements through various institutions. Our mission is to encourage confidence, growth, self-compassion, and skill building in order to help build up the new generation of therapists.

We offer both in person and virtual options for therapists, and we meet all of the requirements through the CRPO for clinical supervision. Our values lie in fostering positive relationships with therapists and encouraging individual growth rather than adopting a ‘cloning’ type of approach. We understand that every individual therapist is unique and has their own strengths, and we want to encourage each and every therapist and student to utilize their strengths and be their own therapist.

To learn more about Kayleen’s supervision style, click here.

To learn more about Jennifer’s supervision style, click here.

Values in Supervision

  • Flexibility: online or in-person options
  • Person-focused, strengths-based approach to supervision
  • Environment based on independence, growth, and autonomy
  • Ability to work from anywhere (out of province/country)
  • Ability to focus your practice where you want (demographics, presenting issues)
  • Diversity of experience and expertise
  • Flexibility in modalities and approach to therapy
  • Group practice environment to foster connection and reduce isolation in Psychotherapy
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Comprehensive training

What’s Included

  • Weekly one-on-one supervision sessions included in your practicum (no fees)
  • As-needed chat supervision
  • Monthly group supervision included
  • Psychology Today Profile included
  • Supervisor funded advertising to bring in clients
  • Established practice with regular referral sources (including various therapist directories)
  • Access to your own Roots in Wellness email and Jane accounts
  • Completion of all school evaluations and forms
  • Continuing education support