Roots in Wellness offers a wide range of services to fit your needs. If you have questions about what to expect in therapy, costs of therapy, or concerns about insurance coverage, please visit our FAQ page.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for adolescents and adults to help them get their lives back on track. Whether you’re looking for accountability, to learn more about yourself, or to improve your overall quality of life, we are here to help.

We know that reaching out for help isn’t easy to do. You’ve made the first step towards improving your life, and we are so happy for you that you made this decision to reach out!

As Registered Psychotherapists and students, we are experts in how to address these difficulties in ways that allow you to live the full, meaningful life that you want. We are conveniently located in Hamilton, Ontario and offer both phone counselling and e-counselling options for those who may be out of town or unable to travel to our office.

Kayleen Edwards, MA, RP, RYT200 (she/her)
Jennifer Thomson, MACP, RP, CPT, FNS (she/her)
Alex Sellors, RSW, MSW (she/her)
Victoria Emanuele, MACP (candidate), she/her
Megan Bouck, MACP (candidate), she/her
Alyssa Howard, MACP (candidate), she/her
Andrea Heald, MACP (candidate), she/her

Our therapists offer sessions via a variety of different methods. Check with your therapist or visit their page to learn which methods they offer.

Video Conferencing

Walk & Talk Therapy

Some of our therapists offer walk & talk therapy on the beautiful trails of Hamilton, Ontario.

Walk and Talk Therapy is great for those who want to be physically active while also gaining benefits from psychotherapy at the same time. Nature-lovers find this method of therapy to be particularly enjoyable, as it provides us with many opportunities for mindfulness and gratitude with the beautiful scenes occurring naturally around us. It can also be helpful for those who think best when they are on the move, as some describe experiencing more creativity flowing when engaging in physical activity.

To learn more about walk & talk therapy, visit our web page by clicking here.

Clinical Supervision

Roots in Wellness also offers clinical supervision for both students and practitioners. Both Jennifer Thomson and Kayleen Edwards offer clinical supervision.

To learn more about clinical supervision, click here.