• It’s officially fall and the colder weather is already here. Many of us stay active in the summer months by going for walks, swimming, running outside, gardening, or engaging in other outdoor activities. The winter months can provide a challenge for staying active, as it’s often cold outdoors and we
  • Today is World Mental Health Day. I feel it’s inevitable that the question of “Why?” may come up. Why do we have multiple Mental Health Days / weeks / months? Why do we have to keep talking about this, to keep bringing up a subject that seems so obvious? Are
  • With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, we wanted to write about some ways that you may incorporate gratitude into your daily routine. It’s no surprise that gratitude practice has positive benefits on how we feel (Emmons & McCullough, 2003; Watkins et al., 2003). It’s great that we have a day
  • Losing someone we love is likely the hardest thing that any of us will ever do in our lives. Grief is such a strong and painful emotion, and it can be scary to think about. The loss of a loved one can turn our lives upside down and change our
  • Hearing the term “self care” can trigger an automatic eye roll from some, who think of self care as the cliche bubble bath, face mask, or other stereotypical things they may have seen in media. Self care seems to be a buzzword these days, with more and more people using
  • For those of you who like to run, you know that nothing compares to the feeling you get when you’re outside running with the sun in your face and the wind at your back. But for many, running can seem like a chore, especially at first, and it can be
  • Have you often thought about coming to therapy, but then… didn’t? Many things can get in the way of making the call and showing up to that first therapy session. One of the most common things to get in the way of setting up a therapy session is the fear
  • We often have clients, family, or friends ask us – what’s the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist? These titles all sound so similar, it’s no wonder people get confused! We thought we’d write a quick blog post to help clarify. Psychiatrists Medical Doctor with mental health specialty Registered
  • When deciding whether to talk to a therapist or not, you may have the thought – what’s different about talking to a therapist than talking to a friend? Why invest the money, when I can talk to my friend for free? While it’s true that friends can be great sources
  • CLICK HERE to take a short survey to give feedback on the services in your community! As many of you may know, the month of June is pride month. It’s a month where we take time to celebrate the LGBTQ2S+ community all across Canada and the world. There are parades,
  • Hi everyone – we are so excited about the launch of our new business, Roots in Wellness!  We wanted to take some time to explain to you the rationale behind Roots in Wellness, our philosophy, and the way that the business works. So, why Roots in Wellness?  What does that

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